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The application period is June 26 through August 26.

Dear Sons and Daughters of Ndokwa heritage, 


Ndokwa Association in America, Inc. is delighted to announce its newest initiative geared towards a sustainable social, economic and human resources development in Ndokwa communities through a "Micro Loan" Program.  “Our goal is to look for Ndokwa youths with burning entrepreneurial spirits, put their ideas to rigorous empirical test and any one of them who rises to the top will be given micro loan to the extent that they will be productive members of Ndokwaland.” Our objective is to Empower Ndokwa Youths through this youth development program based on the belief that if you “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


The 2017/2018 Micro Loan Award Program will be awarded to individuals in the following trades who have met the criteria spelled out by the Project Committee of the Ndokwa Association in America. 




1. Hair dressing

2. Barber/Beauty Salon

3. Welding

4. Carpentering

5. Fashion design (Tailoring/ Dress Making)

6. Building Construction (All skills e.g.: Plumbing, Painting, Flooring, Bricklayer, etc)

7. Makeup Artist

8. Electrical works

9. Auto Mechanic

10. Vulcanizing

11. Dry Cleaning (Wash and Dry Services) 

12. Web Designing
13. Artist (Signboards & Displays)




1. Must be of an Ndokwa born parent

2. The age limit is 40 years

3. Completed apprenticeship or about rounding up

4. Must be highly disciplined with good moral character

5. Verifiably not a member of a cult 


As always, the application is electronically based, so the forms to be filled will only be available online via the Association’s website at:


The Application period is OPEN.


To be eligible, applicants must be of Ndokwa parentage, and must have completed apprenticeship or in the final year.  He or she must meet all specific eligibility criteria described on our webpage.




NAIA Project Committee is an independent agency of the Ndokwa Association In American, Inc. Applicants MUST be aware that NAIA programs are not, in any way or form, affiliated to any other initiatives individual(s) or organization(s) in America or in Nigeria. Mention of name(s) is only intended to facilitate the flow of information, and such mention should not, by any means, be misconstrued as an endorsement of any individual or organization.


Please circulate this information as far and wide as you can. 



Loving Regards, 

NAIA Project Committee